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Become a member today to support the channel and get access to an ever-growing library of YouTube scene files as part of your membership, + free access to paid content and member exclusive content:

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  • Huge Oceans Part 1
  • Real-Time Disney Underwater scene
  • 3d models - musical instrument set
  • 3d models - washing machine
  • Animated & Parametric Pin Art scene file (geometry nodes)

YouTube scene files:

  • Entire 'Suzanne Torture Series' scene files and PDF's
  • How to make a 3d fantasy character in Blender!
  • Achieving Photo-Realism Entire Series (member exclusive)
  • Camera Animation with Geometry Nodes (member exclusive)
  • Combining hard and organic surfaces (member exclusive)
  • Avoid re-rendering by quickly adding new textures, dirt, bumps and even shadows AFTER rendering.
  • Project textures from EEVEE lights!
  • Peculiar Doughnut
  • Model & Simulate a Hyper Realistic Dice Animation
  • Fluid simulation cheat sheet pdf with guided workflow and solutions to common problems.
  • Wire Balls geometry nodes tutorial
  • Go Commando - Create a camouflage material
  • Crazy Blender Morphing Particle VFX Animation Full Tutorial!
  • Particle Man Dancing Blend file.
  • Buckle up for the ultimate interactive physics-based car simulation in Blender!
  • Make a satisfying tyre in the sand animation!
  • Spider wolf scene file!

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Membership - YouTube Scene files, Paid content for free, Member Exclusives + lots more!

2 ratings
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