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Major Feature Release - Turbo Tools V2 - TURBO RENDER!

Hi, I'm excited to let you know that after years in development, TURBO RENDER is now available as part of version 2 of the Turbo Tools addon for Blender.

When I first showcased the prototype a few years ago on social media, I was understandably met with disbelief, because it's able to speed up Cycles final renders that don't use a denoiser by up to a whopping 960x, and better still, it can produce clean images on renders that would need to render 120x longer for OIDN to produce similar results.

To see some examples and see how it works, click the 'find out more' button below. Or if you already own Turbo tools, you can get the update at no additional cost from your downloads area.

Michael (3d-illusions)

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