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Turbo Tools new version released. Massive performance improvements!

Hi Guys. Turbo Tools is doing really well at the moment, so I've been able to dedicate a lot of time to adding improvements. If you've already purchased it then you can find the new version in your download section 👍 If you've yet to hear about it, then you can find out more here:

Performance improvements:

  • At the end of rendering scenes with a lot of duplicate render layers, there will no longer be a delay where Blender could previously become unresponsive whilst reloading many cache files.
  • Rendering will complete much faster for scenes with heavy compositors.
  • Publishing and resaving file output nodes from the turbo comp panel is now around 500% faster
  • Potentially massive memory usage reduction (typically 5 to 30 GB per scene dependant on the number of duplicate render layer nodes)
  • Huge reduction in hard drive space requirements due to cache consolidation.
  • Multiple duplicate render layer nodes no longer have a negative impact on rendering and performance
  • Massive performance increase when automatic re-caching of standard cache nodes during real-time compositing.
  • Faster uncached playback during real-time compositing
  • Faster manual frame change in the compositor
  • Compositor will now recalculate much faster during: refresh all, real time compositing during playback, and the final frame of rendering.

General improvements:

  • Renamed the modes to: 'Fast (clean image pass only' and 'Slow (clean passes)'. Extreme gave the wrong impression that it was the fastest mode.
  • Pre-render checks now optimised so renders start more quickly
  • Render layer cache default bit depth is now set to 16 bit instead of 32bit to save hard drive space and increase performance. (re-enable 32 bit if you're working with data layers such as cryptomatte)

bug fixes

  • Cache nodes now positioned correctly if the node they're caching is inside a frame
  • In some instances, scene files saved in old versions of blender still had a few issues resulting in incorrect rewiring after render.

More performance improvements in the works, and I'm also going to look at adding more features to the Turbo Render toolset, such as temporal denoising for even better animation quality.

Any issues, drop me an email to the email address

Michael @ 3d-illusions

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