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TURBO TOOLS - updated to Version 1_4_7_9 for Blender 3.1 compatibility.

Hi, I hope you're keeping well. Just to let you know I have recently updated some files associated with TURBO TOOLS - Addon for Blender 3d. If you already own this product, then you can download this update and all future updates at no additional cost.

Changes - Added compatibility with Blender 3.1

IMPORTANT - This version is not compatible with Blender releases that use a version of Python below 3.10.


Previous email regarding the time saving script.

Turbo Tools - free time saving script

Turbo Tools Updated to version 2.1.2

Turbo Render update to 2.1.0

Turbo Tools V2 - TURBO RENDER - 2.0.6 Update available

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