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Turbo Tools V2 - TURBO RENDER - 2.0.6 Update available

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that there’s a pretty big update available today. Turbo Tools version 2.0.6 comes with the below improvements. If you already own a copy it's available from your Gumroad download section or the link on your receipt. If you've yet to hear about Turbo Tools, find out more here:

New denoising modes.

  • Draft - this is virtually the same speed as using OIDN from the render panel. But if Enhance textures is checked, then you’re in for a shock, as it will do a little extra and provide shockingly good results even at very low samples. Ideal for drafts or scenes that render to a denoisable state in under 20 seconds (as it’s extremely fast to process).
  • Medium - Slightly slower than Draft, but provides better reflections
  • High - Better reflections and Shadow accuracy. Good for final renders if you don’t need the individual passes cleaned.
  • Ultra - Overall this will give the best quality at higher samples, and will also produce cleaned passes for use in composition.

New draft mode render is extremely fast (around 1 second slower than using OIDN from the render settings), and provides shockingly good results at low samples. Just over 16 seconds on a GTX 1070 including rendering and denoising! On a GTX 3070 this would be will under 5 seconds (based on blender benchmarks).

render settings used for the above image.

Sample Pre-sets

Formerly known as render pre-sets, this has been renamed to make it clearer what the setting actually does. Leave at ‘user’ to use your own sample settings. The pre-sets affect: noise threshold, max samples, min samples and time limit. In this update the samples have also been optimised for faster rendering, so if you’re mid render and using the old pre-sets, best not to update until the next project.

UI Redesign

New more intuitive interface design.

New Cycles Speedup Section.

  • Prevent Fireflies - This now affects viewport rendering for a nice speed boost and to ensure you know how the final render will look before hitting render.
  • Optimise HDRI - This will optimise the the importance map, and with larger HDRI environment , could improve render times by up to 10x as well as reducing RAM usage by around 1GB with a 16k HDRI. The improvements are most noticeable on HDRI images that are 8k upwards, and on complex scenes or scenes heavily lit by the HDRI.

Render quality improvements at low samples.

Better results with scenes that are lit mostly by indirect lighting at medium samples, and in some instances actually faster than using OIDN from the render settings panel. Below images are rendered with identical sample settings, but Turbo actually rendered faster than OIDN, and used 1GB less ram thanks to the Optimise HDRI option. Notice the textures are much better on the floor and worksurface, geometry is far crisper (taps for example look out of focus with OIDN), reflections are maintained in difficult areas such as the washing machine door, and shadows don’t bleed into geometry (where the worksurfaces meet the tiles), or cause bending on nearby pixels (such as the long silver handle on the cupboard)

Turbo Render

OIDN from the render setting panel with identical settings is actually slower in the test with far inferior results

Bug Fixes

  • Volumes could remain noisy in the final image under certain circumstances.
  • After rendering, links which were previously not attached to a render layer cache node could be moved to a muted render layer cache node instead of an unmuted one.

I've tested quite extensively, but it's a pretty mammoth update under the hood, so any issues drop me an email to the support email address shown on your receipt.


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