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Turbo Tools V2 - TURBO RENDER - Addon for Blender 3d. Cycles Renders up to 960x faster!!!! - updated!

Hi. I've just released version 2.0.5 of Turbo Tools. This one contains the below improvements and new features:

  • fast mode updated to produce higher quality lighting faster, allowing you to render at much lower settings and still get excellent results (example images below).
  • new interior option added to the render settings. This optimises the render pre-sets for interior scenes, or scenes with a lot of indirect lighting.
  • enhance textures now works differently (same result) allowing it to be optional in the ‘slow (all passes)’ mode.

An example of the new fast mode speed benefits: 12 second render time (gtx1070) + 9 seconds turbo render processing (i7 7700k). Based on the blender gpu benchmarks and cpu benchmarks, this is the equivalent to a 1.714 second render on a gtx 3070 + 3.31 seconds on a ryzen 5950x or 4 seconds total!

Improved fast mode shadow comparison with OIDN. Both took a total of 19 seconds including processing (so OIDN actually rendered almost twice as long). Turbo also displaying immensely superior reflection quality at the bottom left corner. Notice the missing and distorted shadows on the notice board in the OIDN version, compared to the crisp shadows with Turbo.

OIDN 19 seconds total including rendering and denoising

Turbo Render 19 seconds total including rendering and denoising

If you’d like to test out yourself, it’s the classroom benchmark scene with this shader

Any problems let me know at the support email 👍


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