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Hi. There's a new version of Turbo Tools available with some pretty awesome new features and further performance and render quality updates. If you already have the addon, you can find the new 2.0.4 version in your downloads area, if you've yet to hear about it, then check out the below video to see it in action.

Below changes demonstrated in this video:


Turbo Render

  • Firefly prevention option - helps to avoid bright dots in the render, and can also dramatically further speed up render times (scene dependant).
  • Render Presets dropdown - New render presets to immediately set up render settings without trial and error.
  • Multi-Pass mode improvements - Vastly more detailed results in 'slow (clean passes)' mode.
  • New enhancement options - Previously there was only 'enhance textures' which actually enhanced glossy and transmission as well. These have now been separated for more control.

Turbo Comp

  • Depreciated quality slider and 'wait for frame' options in favour of frame dropping. This enables the compositor to playback smoothly at 250 fps even at 1080p! (demoed in the above video).
  • Validate cache - previously the node tree would be checked for changes during playback to ensure cache was valid. This could be slow on large compositor trees. The 'validate cache' option allows you to disable this for better performance during playback when you know that nothing downstream of a cache node has changed since the cache was generated (after rendering for example). If you add a new cache node when in animation mode, re-enable, and then disable again once playback returns to normal speed (indicating cache has been generated for each frame). It's best to set sync mode back to 'play every frame' during the cache generation process to ensure all frames generate new cache files.
  • Variable cache resolution - Previously all standard cache files could only be the same resolution. With variable cache resolution, you can create a 100% cache node and a 30% cache node before rendering for example, and then after the cache has been generated during rendering, use the 30% cache node during playback for less frame dropping, and then before publishing hook up the 100% cache node so that you can quick publish at full resolution.
  • View published still images and animation buttons - quick access it view your most recent published images and animations.


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