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Turbo Tools V3 - Updated to Version 3.0.2!

Hi, hope you're well.

I've just updated Turbo Tools to version 3.0.2, and it's ready for you to download from your library or the link on the receipt.


  • The temporal stabiliser now provides much better results on fast or thin moving objects. In previous builds, pixels of fast or very thin animated objects could be incorrectly replaced by background objects, environments, or transparency.

  • The temporal stabiliser now provides better results when the render has a transparent background. If you set blender to output .png files, then for the best quality alpha, ensure 16 bit is chosen:

  • The render will no longer start if the cache file location of any scene used by the current compositor is empty or still at the default 'Please specify'. This avoids accidentally rendering animations only to find the cache hasn't been created.



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